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Various courses conduct at Model Finishing School Thiruvanathapuram, which is an associate institution of IHRD, Govt of Kerala. Model Finishing School offer various free courses to BPL family members/Kudumbasree members as part of NULM project, by Govt of India.

Employability Enhancement Programme  August 2017 -Professionally Qualified Youths


It goes without question that quality manpower feeds and nourishes industries and augments the economy's  growth. What is therefore needed is to create a bank of skilled hands who can be directly absorbed to the industry.

Achieving quality standards in employability has fuelled the setting up of the Model Finishing School by the Government of Kerala. It is hoped that this venture will go a long way in remedying the perplexing problem faced by the youth of Kerala; of not being able to secure employment in desired numbers in spite of brilliant technical and analytical credentials


Government of Kerala

Institute of Human Resources Development  (IHRD) is an autonomous educational institution established by the Government of Kerala during 1987. The institute is registered under The Travancore – Cochin literary, Scientific and Charitable societies registrations Act 12 of 1955.

Like other states in India, Kerala Government has three organs namely the legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary. Each organ has its own functions to perform. The Legislature is the law making body.




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