Career Counselling

Meet us, Map your talent, and Make your career decision.

At MFS, we are always eager to support, advise, guide and help students to make decisions on learning, competency building and career choices. To provide top-notch talents to the organizations and industries, we have our dedicated Career Counselling Team which provides confidential and impartial assistance to the students to move in the direction of their aspirations and interests.

Services of Career counselling cell is available to all the registered students at MFS to help them trek towards their dream career.


Students who benefit the most from career counselling include those who:

    Are unsure of their educational and career goals

    Need guidance on selection of Elective/Specialization

    Want to confirm whether they have made a sound career/entrepreneurial choice

    Want to learn more about the career paths that are open to them

    Are trying to decide if advanced studies are right for them

    Require advice on how to choose a domain/industry apt for them

    Need advice on the scope & challenges of taking over family business

    Require guidance & assistance in International placements/higher studies

   aspire to become researcher/academician

The Career Counselling Team at MFS highlights the importance of understanding one's natural talents & abilities and taking correct career decisions.

MFS Career counselling marks the road-map to the students; 'where you are now to where you want to be'.