MFS History

The Model Finishing School is a pioneering venture of the Government of  Kerala, set up with the purpose of enhancing employability of qualified youths from the State of Kerala.Kerala, which is one of the most literate and education-friendly states of India, has no dearth of qualified hands, both in the technical and non-technical streams. The collective efforts put in by different stakeholders towards promoting education could be attributed to this achievement. In spite of this advantage, youths in Kerala face a definite lag when it comes to securing employment of choice, especially in the new-age technology enabled sectors. This perplexing mismatch has been a cause of concern to the Government, academicians, representatives of the industry and even well-wishers of the State. The commonly attributed reason to this mismatch is the lack of communication and articulation skills among the youth of Kerala.

In remedying this problem, the Government of Kerala has set up the Model Finishing School to complete those components of learning that cannot be had from the traditional mode of learning. The Model Finishing School aims to equip students in Kerala in those aspects of learning, most desired and favored by the employment providers.

A Government of Kerala (GoK) undertaking, the Model Finishing School is a joint initiative of the IT Department, GoK and the Institute of Human Resources Development (IHRD), with the support of industry-major Infosys. The IHRD is responsible for the day-to-day functioning of the institution.

The first Model Finishing School started in 2008 at Science and Technology Museum Campus, Trivandrum and the second  at Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium Kaloor, Kochi in 2010.

Model Finishing School Trivandrum
(Inaugural ceremony, 2008)
      Model Finishing School Kochi
(Inaugural ceremony, 2010)